My Future NYC Minimalist Cube

In the future it will be crucial to do more with less. Here is an NYC loft living model I’ve been thinking about.

The space should be a big, bright box with smaller black boxes and objet as its contents. Everything will be modular; black sculptural mazes of metal, like Tony Smith works, will make up the essential core of the space. Clouds of smoke, metal landscapes and blades of glass will become the secondary providers making up the lighting and atmosphere. And the tertiary needs of furnishing and accessories will be met by smaller solid shapes like an overgrown child’s building blocks.

Tony Smith
Tony Smith, Maze
Simona Pries, heimkehr
Olaf Brzeski
Simona Pries, cloths of heaven
Sebastian Wickeroth
Fabian Buergy
Baars & Bloemhoff

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