Falling in Love with Things

Something is happening in object design. This is a cultural epiphany. We are starting to see that the last 30 years of right angles and straight lines in furniture have become tyrannical. And we have the privilege of a choice.

We’ve proven we are capable of rigorous, straight-lined perfection, but does it make us happy? Is it comfortable? Do we really find it beautiful or does it just satistfy some need to tame the chaos?

It’s time to ask more of our things. Our sofas and our coffee tables need to be more like nature; more random and weird – soft and jagged, not tamed and manicured. Our objects should make us feel daring and they should make us smile. Owning things should be more like a romance. We should fall in love with our things again.

A solid stone table spotted at the 1 Hotel in Brooklyn Bridge Park
Bolotas Armchair by the almighty Campana Brothers
Bejeweled Table by Kelly Wearstler
Sofa by Luigi Colani
Peyote Chair by Blackman Cruz
Cold Cut Coasters rug by Chen Chen & Kai Williams for Tai Ping
Original design armchair / leather / modular / grey
Terrazzo Sofa by Ubald Klug

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